Sunday, October 17, 2010

I don't have a photo for this but just an update on my health. I've finally gotten a diagnosis that I believe is accurate. Since 2001, just after my father passed away and my then husband began to opening express his desire for a life different than I had hoped, I began to have painful symptoms that I thought were unrelated. Over the years, I've tried all kinds of pills and gone to many doctors. I finally saw a urologist who says I have cystitis. It's a chronic disease that causes the nerves in the bladder to be ultra sensitive. It is very painful and hard to deal with. I've had one heprin treatment but currently, even with my insurance, I am unable to afford the other 5 weekly treatments. I am on a strict non-acidic diet which is very BORING! The positive side effect is that I have been losing weight and am able to comfortable wear clothing I haven't been able to get into. I hope to start feeling much better soon but know it will take patience.

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