Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Memories

Last Thursday, Adam and Jessica brought a wading pool over and we filled it just a little because it was evening time and they wouldn't be in too long. The girls are so cute and had a fun time.

Saturday I watched Natalie while her parents and Hailie attended a wedding reception. She's not been feeling too well so I decided to take her for a spin around Murray Park. As soon as she saw the umbrella stroller, she couldn't wait to get out. We strolled around and watched people, ducks and dogs making their fun in the park. The water is flooding in some places and to the brim everywhere else. Everytime I asked her a question, her answer was "ya." The joy of grandmothering. I try to squeeze all the joy out everytime I'm around them.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twin Baby Boy

This is Baby A. The line coming over his eye is the membrane that separates the boys. The shiny spot on his forehead is light from the ultrasound. I think this is AMAZING! Can't wait to meet these grandsons!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The beautiful flowers are from Cheri and Daniel!! Thanks kids!

Birthday Wishes

I work at a mortuary and I love it. I'm always receiving flowers for viewings and funerals but I never expected what happened today, my birthday. A delivery man entered the front door and came around to my office. He said, "I have a delivery for the Barbara Lambson viewing." I must have given him a funny look because he quickly followed up with, "Unless you're Barbara Lambson." I confirmed his suspicion and was able to hold my laughter until he left the building. Very funny.

My wonderful brother Frank brought me lunch and a funny Indiana Jones birthday card!

My children prepared a wonderful meal last evening before some of them had to return to Rexburg and we played at the park. I am SO BLESSED!

Weekend Madness

I had the great fortune of having most of my children with me this weekend! Cheri arrived Thursday night. Ashley, Luke, Whitney and Ben arrived Friday evening. Cheri worked very hard preparing all of the food and favors for Whitney's bridal shower and Grandma Nielsen's. Ben's family gave her a wonderful shower in the afternoon of the same day. We all got reaquainted with Luke. Adam was able to shoot a great pic of all of the grandchildren on Grandma Great's swing. All in all--another incredible weekend.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Here we are again--another Sunday and instead of laying in bed trying to remember why I decided to have surgery and recommitting myself to NEVER do it again, I'm actually almost ready to head out the door for choir practice.

I've been pondering on the fact that my life is full and that is a good thing. I like to be busy but not so much that I can't savor the moments that are important to me. I'm sharing some photos that are pretty random, like the lap quilt my mom made for me. Just enjoy seeing my little family.