Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Mother's Gift by Janette Fisher

From the very first time, you hold your child
Their first gift is your heart forever,
The love you give and they return
Is the bond that will hold you together

Throughout their life, your love will be
A light that guides their way
The beacon aglow in the darkness
Should they ever go astray.

Your love will give them courage
When the way ahead is unclear
And will give them strength, when needed
To help overcome their fears.

Your love will accept them for who they are
Whatever they say or do,
Your love will forgive unreservedly
Because they are a part of you.

It's a love that will know no barriers
Have no bounds, no expectations
Your love will be unconditional,
Pure, with no complications

A love that remains as constant
As the stars in the heaven above
A gift no money on earth can buy,
The gift of a mother's love.

I saw this poem and fell in love with it. It says so much of how I feel about my own children. Love you, babies!

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