Friday, March 4, 2011


I don't know if anyone ever reads this but I wanted to express my deep appreciation for my life. It gets better all of the time. I so enjoy my children, even when they are hogging the TV playing video games. I love that they all feel comfortable coming over any time for any reason. It was great to have David's family visit. I was so worried that Luke wouldn't like me so it was a wonderful surprise that he was okay with grandma holding him.

It was also such a wonderful treat when on Wednesday, Hailie surprised me in the kitchen. I didn't even know they'd walked in. I loved it when she grabbed the back of my legs and hugged them. "Hi Amma," she said. Then I picked her up and she began stroking my hair. "You're hair is brown. I like your hair. My hair is yellow." What a doll. As soon as I put her down, there was Natalie, arms out waiting to be picked up. I'm so blessed with grandchildren. And now there's one more on the way. How great is that?

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