Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rexburg Trip - Spring 2012

Taylor was on Spring break the last week of March so I put him on a shuttle, Wednesday, March 28 to have more time in Rexburg. I drove up in a nice rental car on Friday. Adam's family joined us later that evening. So I was only missing Cheri, Daniel and Andrew from our family group.

I visited with Ashley and Luke when I arrived. Later I drove into Idaho Falls and picked up Whitney from her job at Macy's in the mall and we ate dinner at Garcia's! Very good Mexican. Whitney LOVED the chunky salsa or should I say her baby loved it (he he).

Adam and Jessica had reserved a hotel room for me next to theirs in the AmericInn. Very nice. Very happy Barbara. I was able to have a bed and get up without bothering anyone, get a shower and walk down to the hotel buffet. Very relaxing.

The twins would be deposited with me later so Adam and Jessica could take the girls down to eat.

Saturday morning we invaded Whitney and Ben's apartment and watched conference. Adam and Jessica provided a nice sandwich bar for lunch. David's family joined us. Ben had to work so he was the only one missing.

The boys went to priesthood meeting. The girls ate Chinese and watched "Toy Story" with the kiddies.

Sunday I spent in my room watching conference and children with Adam until 4. Now the fun begins.

If you check out David's blog at you'll see what I mean.  We were divided into 4 teams of 2. One Rexburgite and one out of towner on each team for the Galaxy Games - Middle Earth Challenge - Lord of the Rings. They were as follows:

Barbara and Cameron
Ashley and Jessica
Adam and Whitney
Ben and Taylor

We had 4 tasks: 1. stand on a bridge with a staff and say "You shall not pass!"
2. find a leaf and take a photo (I still don't know why. I need to watch the shows again.) 3. find a black horse and take a photo.  4. take a photo of 2 towers. All of these things needed to be video taped or sent by phone to David's phone as a photo.

Okay--the speed limit in most of Rexburg is 25 MPG. So besides the fact that Cameron and I had a difficult time finding a horse (photos below), I won't speed in Rexburg because the police are everywhere!

When we had completed these 4 tasks, David called us and told us where the "ring" was. It was by a fire hydrant in the parking lot of the Rexburg Temple. I couldn't stop laughing.  The end you say?  No! Now back to David and Ashley's apartment.

Next: Each team must consume 10 small powdered doughnuts between themselves. (EAT FAST!) No liquids allowed.

Find Waldo
Figure out a riddle
Throw 5 Cherrios into a bowl. (I threw handfulls).
Wrap partner in plastic wrap (like Froto was wrapped by the spider).

Now play Lord of the Rings Jepardy.

LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!

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