Monday, March 18, 2013

Planes, Trains and Automobilies

What is the deal with my car? I had 3 removals last night (luckily 2 were at the same time) and on the short drive from my home to the mortuary my car decided it may or may not work. Thankfully, I made it safely home during the night. This morning, however, was a different story. I got 2 blocks from home and it died.

The wonderful thing, if there is one in this story, is that I called a funeral director who lives nearby and he picked me up and took me to our 9th East office. Then I called one of our part-time staffers who works as a mechanic during the week and he gave me the name of their towing service and I told him I thought it was the alternator. He will take good care of me.

Even though life brings it's share of surprises, I'm grateful for friends and acquaintances who are at the ready. The Lord is truly merciful.

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