Monday, September 19, 2011

Job Hunting

This volatile economy and my recent expansion of my job title to removals has made me think I should write down a list of the jobs I've held over my lifetime so far~~

Housekeeper~ I cleaned once a week for an older couple.
Reading Tutor ~ senior year in high school I tutored in the mornings at the   elementary school where my siblings attended.
Hothouse Rose Picker - high school
Typist - LDS Church Office Building
Secretary - LDS Church Office Building
office typist - First Security Bank - Ed. D. Smith & Sons
Bi-Lingual Secretary - LDS Church Office Building
Classroom helper - Mount Vernon
Lunch Lady - Mount Vernon
Spanish Teacher - Mount Vernon
After School Child Care - Mount Vernon
Music Teacher - Mount Vernon
Janitor - Mount Vernon
Merchandise Sorter - Deseret Book Warehouse
Typist - Action Express Trucking Company
Mailroom Supervisor - Data Services Direct
Typist/Team Leader/Client Service Coordinator - FranklinCovey
Front Desk Receptionist - SL Orthopaedic
Office Manager/Removal Specialist - Memorial Mortuaries

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