Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Real or Imaginary - Disney or Reality

Since I am unable to comment directly on Cheri's blog--Cheri I wanted to expand on what you posted about Pocahontas and delve into what you eluded to "...just around the riverbend."

I agree with you that the real story of Pocahontas is so much deeper than the songs and dances with a cute dog and racoon who fight over a bowl of cherries. Some of my favorite stories are honest dramatizations of real events. I think that's why I liked the movies "Martin Luther", "Amazing Grace," "The First Vision," etc. When the actual truth is told and not glamorized or changed in any way, it gives the viewer or reader the best picture of what that person's life was actually like! I WANT THE TRUTH! This is what I scream when I find out that what I thought was true was really just "dolled" up for the audience and what the writer believes will sell. When this happens, we miss out on the connection with reality and though I enjoy light fiction, when I believe I'm reading about a real person, I want to know that's what they went through and I want it presented in truth, not in an effort for me to like or dislike them. I should be given the opportunity to make that decision for myself.

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