Saturday, June 23, 2012

Portland Days - Congratulations, Cheri!!!

On June 16th, I flew to Portland, Oregon to see my daughter, Cheri, graduate magna cum laude from Portland State University and then enjoy some days with her and her fiance, Daniel Kahn.

Here is Cheri just hours before her graduation. She'd never seen this sign and we decided to take her photo standing by it! What a cutie!

The graduation was held at the Rose Park where the Trailblazers play. Cheri was seated to your left in the last row of the second to last section. (Wow, that was confusing!) I was joined by Daniel, his parents and his brother David.

Here is my daughter just after graduation! She has a VERY big smile. She graduated with a major in Mathematics and minor in English! She has been so dedicated and deserves this great honor!

 After the graduation we drove up to the West Hills in Portland to enjoy a dinner in Cheri's honor given by another of Daniel's brothers, Aaron (pictured left) and his sweet wife Caroline. The dinner party included them, their three sons, William, Ryan and Caleb; Jan and Jenny, Daniel's parents, David, Caroline's mom and step-father, Andi and Steve, Cheri and Daniel and me! We suppered on grilled lobster tails (a first for me), steak, a beautiful fruit salad and pound cake with fresh
 strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

It was quite a treat!

Below I'll put in some photos of the places we saw. Daniel and Cheri took me to the coast and to see waterfalls, Saturday and Monday. Then Cheri and I took in an art museum, the zoo, the Rose Gardens (real roses not the basketball court), and the shops. I stayed at the Portland Westin where Daniel is a manager. I had a beautiful room!!! My grateful thanks to Daniel and Cheri for treating me SO nicely and giving me a glimpse of their world. I had a wonderful time!!!

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