Friday, February 15, 2013

Retalhuleu, Guatemala

Taylor will be in the MTC in Guatemala on June 12, 2013! He received his call last night. He'd already left with Adam to go to his apartment to watch the kids while Adam & Jessica went out for Valentine's Day. So I got back into my car and drove over there. It was so exciting to see him open the envelope and read that he's going to Retalhuleu, Guatemala! We had Cheri on face time and David on speaker phone! I was So surprised! After some hugs from the babies I went home and scoped out the Internet looking for help on how to pronounce Retalhuleu, finding photos, etc. Here are some pics I found.

There's a lot to do. We have 4 months to accomplish it. First stop is the Post Office on Tuesday for the passport!  So proud of Taylor!

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