Friday, May 24, 2013

When it Rains It Pours!! -- But There is Always the Promise of a Rainbow!

I don't like to complain but these past few months have been terrible for me in the financial realm! First my car breaks down but thankfully after a new battery, fuel pump, fuel filter, alternator and sway bars, the real problem was solved by an amazing mechanic at Neils Pro Auto in Rose Park in Salt Lake City, Utah!!!

Then I lost my child support. I knew the day was coming and I was actively looking for more work and campaigning for a raise (which I received, although very small) but no evening work in sight. However, I promised that I would accept and try to do anything extra I could so I have worked a viewing and played the piano at a service this month. Every little bit helps.

Well, Saturday, my washer wouldn't spin the water out. I called a repairman but they couldn't come until today and guess what...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...the motor needs to be replaced at the tune of $280.00. The dryer needs a new bearing for $100.00. Ok---I'm finished with this!!! I have given up basic cable, put my car on liability only and am cutting back in every area I can without living on the street. I am getting close to refinancing my condo for a lower interest rate and payment.

I guess the silver lining (which I am determined to see) is that my brother Frank can get me a GREAT deal on a set of new stackables and (this is a great wish) I hope that when the machines finish their cycles, they will sing a tune like Adam and Jessica's new machines instead of making an annoying BUZZ!

I am continually grateful for all that I have. Taylor has done some recent repairs in our house with his own money and I am very grateful for him and his awareness of the needs I face and my inability to take care of them myself. What a great Kid! I'm also grateful that Adam and Jessica are allowing me to use their washer and dryer until my new ones arrive. Can't wait to hear that little song tonight!!! You know where I'll be!

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