Friday, June 14, 2013

In the Spotlight!

June 13, 2013, was not only the 54th anniversary of my birth but also Hailie Rose's first dance recital! She's been taking a dance class and enjoying it very much. Now comes the finale!

Here she is after Mom finished with her make-up. She seems up to the challenge.

I met Adam at Murray High School. We went into the auditorium and watched about 30 short dances by all ages of girls and even some boys. Now comes the moment of truth. Hailie walked out with 3 other little girls in the cutest ladybug costumes. Then her hands come up and cover her eyes! Once she put her hands down but shut her eyes! Too soon the dance is over and she runs off the stage without having done one dance movement. :(

Here she is right after. She said,"There was too much people!"

Adam admitted his children tend to be shy.

This one is a little better. You've got to give Hailie credit for trying and because she's so cute, we don't really care!  Good job, Honey!

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