Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh the Rain Came Down and the Floods Came Up!

Well....I had a GREAT Thanksgiving weekend...and then I went to work on Monday. As I was passing the mortuary to pull into the parking, I wondered "Why is the glass on the doors fogged up?" And when I unlocked and opened the door...SURPRISE!!! FLOOD. Sometime over the weekend, the float on a toilet in the women's restroom decided to break. The water was shooting up like a gyser. The water blew off the lid on the back of the toilet and shattered it! There was water EVERYWHERE!!!! My shoes were soaked all day. Then I went downstairs to put my lunch in the refrigerator and the water had gone through the floor and soaked furniture and computer and telephone hardware. The modem is fried. Oh my gosh!!

So my manager called Utah Disaster Kleen up and they came over and worked until 7 p.m. I just locked the door and told them to shut it behind them. I had no phone or internet. Then they turned the heat up to 90 degrees besides using the heaters and fans they brought. I got phones back around 2 but I cannot do anything.

Today it was so hot and I had to find a place to be so I went into the chapel. It was cooler there. I forwarded my phone to my cell and read a book. Then I hooked up the DVD flat screen monitor so I could watch movies. Some of the wing backed chairs were moved into the chapel so I sat in one of those and watched "The Cowboys" while I ate lunch and crocheted a wash rag. Then I finished my book. I have to use the men's restroom right now but it locks so that's okay.

Anyway, not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  Can you say BORING? But I'll be prepared with more books and movies.

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