Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Day in the Heat

The flooding saga continues. These photos show the back of the chapel and then my little hideaway from the heat. I sit in the wing backed chair facing the flat screen. I watch movies, eat my lunch, crochet, and today I assembled the Universal Identification System Tags we put on our deceased people. Ya, they don't come assembled. That used up a lot of time and I finished all of them.  I also practiced the piano for some Christmas songs for our Sacrament meeting program on Christmas day.

The disaster clean up guys were in the building again today. They keep moving the fans and the dehumidifers around so I have an obstacle course to the bathroom. These photos show the downstairs hallway. A temporary wall has been put up to keep the heat working on the wet parts and so people won't see the mess if they come downstairs to view the caskets. However, our family meeting rooms are in a mess so I don't think we'll be meeting with families at my location until the whole thing is cleaned up.  The last photo is a view looking up the first set of stairs from downstairs. You can see that they've covered the dry carpet with plastic and tape to protect it while the workman are going up and down. There is a dumpster in our parking lot and everything is still very messy and VERY hot!!!

Don't worry...I'll be hanging out in the chapel.

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